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We specialise in tailor-made travel experiences within the countries of the Indian sub-continent. We cater for individuals, couples and group travellers. We create memorable travel experiences via our wide network of invaluable connections. We formulate itineraries around our client’s specific requirements.

We are passionate about our cultural, visual and natural heritage. We strive to achieve the fine balance between, on the one hand, increasing access to these diverse regions and their rich experiences while, on the other hand, encouraging responsible tourism in harmony with the regions, their culture and their natural resources.

Our tour programmes will fascinate the most inquisitive travellers, art aficionados, adventurists, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. With us you can travel in luxury; sleep in comfortable beds or try out desert charpoys (The traditional Indian bed); dine with royalty or drink chai with rural folk; and track tigers on elephant back. Above all, you can experience the very best that your destination has to offer.

Our travel consultants have over 20+ years of experience in the region. We are a highly experienced and dedicated team of tourism experts committed to ensuring the most memorable holiday experience. Our aim is to provide quality service to clients from around the globe.

Customised travel experiences need not be expensive. Because our within-country travel consultants have prolific local knowledge and contacts our prices are highly competitive. We can also actively work with you to evolve an itinerary to match your specific budget

What We Do

We give sound, honest and authoritative advice

We can help you select the hotels, lodges, resorts and camps which are appropriate for you and your desired flavours and expectation of holiday. It is, however, sometimes difficult for us to get an idea of your preferences through an e-mail. It is perhaps best to call us directly on our office number from 9.30am to 5.30pm (UK time) +44 (0) 131 2026438, or Skype us on id: abhishekbehl.

Alternatively, please email us wildlifetraveller@gmail.com giving your home, mobile or office telephone number, and indicating your preferred contact time, and we shall call you.

Flights and visas

Prices quoted on this website include international flights to/from the United Kingdom. Entries into the India subcontinent requires tourist visas for all countries which must be obtained by you in your country of residence from the specific Embassy or Consulate of travel. Please allow two weeks for this.


Our staff or representative will meet you on your arrival in the country preferred to travel, then transfer you from the airport to your hotel and facilitate tour booking-in and other aspects. When you leave the country your visiting, our staff or representative will take you from your hotel to the airport and help you start the booking-in for your flight. All transfers will use taxis or mini-bus.

Arranging your accommodation

      • Single destination holiday

Accommodation for a minimum of two nights at any of the hotels featured in our brochure or on our web site. We do not recommend stays of less than two nights.

      • Multi-centre holiday

For stays of five or more nights, we will arrange any combination of hotels throughout India, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka. We will be pleased to discuss the logistics and travelling times between places. For example, we do not recommend driving from Jaipur to Jaisalmer in one day or from Delhi to Shimla or Khajuraho to Varanasi as the distances are too great both for allowing you to enjoy the scenery and for safety.

Getting around

Self-drive car hire is not recommended anywhere in the Indian Subcontinent. Even those with considerable driving experience across different countries find driving daunting and extremely tiring. Bad driving can make the journey nerve-racking; you may be pitted against potholed roads or outwardly good roads where suddenly there is a collapsed kerb or culvert; signage is generally poor; animals roam on even major roads; and roadside assistance is minimal.

Chauffeur-driven car hire is the best option. We recognise that many travellers will associate chauffeured driving with considerable expense. However, in these countries the costs of self-drive and chauffeured car hire are surprisingly similar. We only offer chauffeur-car hire in conjunction with an inclusive itinerary with hotels etc.

We shall be pleased to provide a local driver who can speak and understand English. Though he may often be knowledgeable about the surrounding area, he should not be considered a “guide” in the strict sense and cannot be depended upon for accurate or historical information. There are many other benefits of chauffeur-drive:

    • The driver will not compromise your independence.
    • You will save your energy for sightseeing and be able to see the countryside and towns you pass through.
    • The driver will know where to find petrol stations, and ask for directions.
    • The driver will deal with police in case of an accident or emergency - a lot easier since he can speak the local language.
    • The driver will not be a financial burden. You are not required provide his meals; Indian hotels generally have separate quarters for drivers; and a driver is given a daily allowance for meals and personal needs.


As part of an overall inclusive itinerary, we arrange activities such as:

    • CULTURE - Visits to places of historical importance, local arts and crafts, experiencing local cuisine, traditional medicine like Ayurveda, visiting spiritual and religious places etc
    • WILDLIFE - Game drives in national parks or bird-watching. Wildlife safaris and jeep safaris.
    • ADVENTURE - Day-walking, trekking with overnight stays in camps, huts or simple accommodation.Cycling and mountain biking. White-water rafting, riding camels or horse safaris. 

Travel by train

Trains offer an inexpensive means of transport. If you plan to use trains within India, you will need to buy your tickets or ask the concierge at your hotel to obtain them for you. Only the faster trains in India are reasonably comfortable.

We can only offer rail tickets in conjunction with an inclusive itinerary with hotels etc.

Large groups

As a specialist operator, we prefer to work with individuals or small gatherings of friends or family. However, we also provide itineraries for large special interest groups seeking a navigating experience.

Weddings and celebrations

We are often asked to help arrange weddings and receptions for large parties and for guests travelling to the Indian sub-continent from various parts of the world. Our connections provide us with access to a range of grand private venues. However, we can only organise weddings and celebrations if it is a part of an overall itinerary with flights, hotels, transportation etc.

….  And a few things we regret we cannot do :

Coach tours

We do not offer 7 or 14 day escorted coach tours, with weekly or daily departures. Our tailor-made itineraries can cover the same routes. We feel this is far more rewarding for you than travelling with 30 or 40 other people.

Travel by bus

We regret we cannot book transport by public bus transport.


We get a large number of requests for arranging guides without any of our other services. We regret this is not something our office will arrange.

Conference and incentive groups

Whilst we do make arrangements for such groups, generally we have found that it is better for corporate organisations with groups of over 100 people to contact specialist operators who have facilities to handle large groups.

Why Travel With Us

Our credentials

As the experts in the field and with our network of Indian subcontinent connections, we have arranged itineraries for some of the world’s most demanding individuals, groups, institutions, and documentary film-makers.

Our track record

We have been in the industry for nearly 15 years : 75 per cent of our business is repeat or referral. So rest assured that our reputation for quality stems from great expertise, accrued over years of dealing with the most demanding client base.


You could spend months perusing websites or brochures for the right opportunities and arrangements, yet never be assured of consistent quality. We handpick guides, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions to ensure the best possible arrangements, and all within your budget.

Our quality support

Our friendly, approachable and knowledgeable trip coordinator provides you with unmatched pre-trip support – whether you are in India, the UK or USA, and by phone or e-mail. In the pre-trip phase travellers have a wide range of advice and information needs - including reading, medical issues, cultural, packing and insurance.

Our expertise

Our local trip coordinators have been with our country agents for an average of ten years, and are seasoned travellers with the most extensive first-hand regional knowledge of travel in the Indian subcontinent.

All under one roof

Enjoy perfectly arranged itineraries with meals, transfers and local guides all under one roof in your travels.


Our in-depth knowledge and dynamic approach allows us to create one-of-a-kind travel adventures from scratch, based on your personal expectations, interests, adventure level and budget.

Seamless planning

From securing landing permissions for foreign private jets to airport greetings to ensuring the finest guides; from arranging grand parties in private palaces to special viewings of the art and jewellery collection of the maharajas, we are the best in the industry at organising the logistics.

Our ability to respond

We are in continual contact with our local offices as well as with the driver and guide accompanying you while you are travelling. If something goes wrong with your health, general well-being or arrangements, you can be sure we shall be seeking rapid solutions. Our key staff in Delhi and regional offices can be contacted over mobile phone even after office hours. During long drives our drivers all carry mobile phones.

Leave it to the experts: Have no regrets

Self-planned trips can work out great, or they can be disastrous. We handle any difficulties that may arise in your travel logistics, so you don’t have to waste time on your much-awaited holiday. With us, you know you will have a great trip.

You may only visit a destination once in your life-make sure you do it right.

We give inspiring journeys to our responsible travellers! Come join us onboard…..

Give a call to our Indian subcontinent travel specialist on +44 (0) 131 202 6438 or email wildlifetraveller@gmail.com

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