Plan Your Trip

Seven steps to planning your holiday of a lifetime


1        Inspiration and formulation

Delve into our website!. You’ll discover much inspiration for your trip to the Indian sub-continent. However, this is just a starting point. There is nothing like speaking with one of Wild Navigator’s expert travel consultants for specific ideas and advice to help you to firm up your wish-list.

2        Speaking with a Wild Navigator travel consultant

Is your wishlist nearly complete? Have you started to make your plans or are your ideas at an early stage with many choices ahead and many questions?  Either way, Wild Navigator has the experience, insights and local network to help you. Based in the UK but with our indigenous network of on-the-ground staff, we offer a unique blend of knowledge, experience and listening skills to help put your planning wheels into motion. We can offer advice and suggestions to plan every stage of your trip - a trip tailored to your own wishes and to maximise your experiences of the Indian subcontinent. If your wish is possible, we will make it happen!

3        Developing your itinerary

Based on your interests and expectations, and all those ‘little extra’ facts that arose from your conversation with us, we shall meticulously design your itinerary - selecting not only the routes, sequence and timetable but also ideal accommodation, activities and excursions. Your Wild Navigator travel consultant will then send you the draft as a PDF document.

4        Refining your itinerary

Once you have absorbed the details in the draft itinerary, your Wild Navigator travel consultant will be happy to answer further questions and to make adjustments. Our aim is to provide an affordable, high quality experience that is tailored to your own wishes, and to be central to planning the trip that you have been dreaming about! Therefore, we fully appreciate that our clients may wish to make final adjustments.

5        Confirming your arrangements : Making your booking

Once you are wholly satisfied with the itinerary and arrangements, Wild Navigator will send you your itinerary confirmation, and include our booking form. At this time we also ask your to pay your deposit.

Rest assured : By dealing with Wild Navigator - based in the UK but dealing daily with our network who have lived and worked all their lives in the countries of your visit - you will have access to costs that are unrivalled, experiences that are second to none, and yet ones which will deliver the highest quality you will seek.

6     Staying in touch

After your booking has been received, Wild Navigator will issue the final confirmation. You will be given a Wild Navigator travel consultant, a single named person so you will have continuity throughout the lead-up to your departure.  During this period you may have a few questions, or may just need to again tap into the experience, guidance and insights of Wild Navigator. Moreover, your Wild Navigator travel coordinator will remain contactable throughout the whole of your trip.

7     Towards departure day and beyond

One month before departure Wild Navigator will send you your comprehensive travel pack. This will include all you travel and ancillary needs - hotel bookings and vouchers; flight and train tickets (where applicable); tips for travellers; vouchers for additional arrangements  - excursions, activities, etc; contact details for any arrangements you plan to book once in the country; and suchlike . …. And, of course, the 24-hour contact details of Wild Navigator’s on-the-ground staff.

…… Then, sit back, depart, and immerse yourself in the experience of visiting our beautiful countries, their sights and cultures. Enjoy!

If you do not already have travel insurance cover, we suggest you to arrange one before your travel or we can assist you. Call us on 0131 202 6438.

Please ensure when booking your holiday that all party members take out adequate insurance cover, in the event of you cancelling your holiday, the charges detailed in our booking conditions will apply.

To help us in the event of an emergency, please enter the name of your insurer and their emergency contact details in our Booking Form at the time of booking your tour.

Wild Navigator’s Traveller Code of Ethics


Wild Navigator for many years has been a catalyst, advocate and promoter of Responsible Tourism. In our operations we travel to some of Indian subcontinent’s fragile environments;  where various negative impacts could hamper that very destinations sustainable future. We would like to see our clients setting an example while traveling with us; to follow certain guidelines that we have set in places while abiding to these codes our travellers are setting responsible guidelines for our future operations.

We call it our Navigator’s Footprints:

  • Learn something of the local customs and traditions before you go. We at Wild Navigator are happy to explain the reasons behind this and teach you others, but a small gesture even of how to greet them, is appreciated and respectful.
  • Learn a few words of the local languages, such as Hello and Thank you. We are used to getting feedback’s from the field where locals say to us and it’s a great way to open doors and minds.
  • When you are there, be respectful of the local culture, whether this be entering any home or not ignoring the local music. Remember that your holiday is to enjoy the whole country, this way you will enjoy the experience much more if you welcome all the sights and sounds.
  • Be respectful when taking photographs. Having a camera shoved in your face is intrusive and can be a cultural taboo. Just ask and accept a shaken head gracefully.
  • Please make sure not to litter.
  • Do not pick flowers or collect local seeds.
  • Be careful of local resources. Just because they have electricity and water does not mean they have much of either. Turn the tap off when you are not using it, have a shower rather than a bath. Turn lights off when leaving a room. Many camps and lodges run generators to supplement the solar power. Fuel for these generators have to be driven in sometimes from a distance.
  • When on safari, do not pester your driver or guide to leave the set track and go off-road. They understand where they can/cannot go and pride themselves on getting you, their guest, the best sightings and views. Leaving the tracks damages the National Parks and disturbs wildlife.
  • When buying souvenirs, ensure they are not encouraging poaching or deforestation by being made from rare or endangered materials.
  • Try to spend your money that goes directly into the micro economy of the areas you are visiting.
  • Do not give children pens or sweets as it encourages begging (many pens are simply swapped for sweets when you have gone anyway!). Speak to your guide or the lodge you are staying at who will be happy to arrange a visit to a school.
  • Make your donations or gift of materials to a registered charity organisation who legally can make sure your contribution is used well and wisely with full transparency.
  • Have a great time and make sure that those people you met while you travelled must have great memories of you.

Navigate yourself Responsibly !!

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