8th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations


8th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations comes to Manchester

The conference takes places on the 3rd and the 4th of April 2014

Thursday the 3rd - Responsible Tourism in Destinations
VisitEngland is partnering with the Responsible Tourism Partnership on day one of this conference to focus on the challenges of tourism development and destination management, This is VisitEngland’s key event during English Tourism Week (to see the agenda and link to Book)

Friday the 4th - Taking Responsibility, Achieving Change 
During this day they shall be addressing three topics and three challenges in order to learn more about how to encourage individuals and organisations to take responsibility and to achieve change across the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental sustainability. In Manchester this year they want to explore and learn from a diverse range of initiatives taken by people seeking to take responsibility for tackling the issue and achieving change (Programme Link)

Wild Navigator’s Abhishek Behl will be speaking on the 4th of April in session - Wildlife & Heritage with topic: Wild Navigator: Inspiring Journeys in Responsible Tourism. Along with him other speakers include: Mohammad Rafiq Director, The Long Run Initiative &  Zeitz Foundation
Claudia Cortes WWF and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras Coral Reefs and Tourism Impacts in MesoAmerica
Alison White Consultant  Arcus Foundation – State of the Apes and chaired by: Dr Martin Jones Programme Leader for MSc courses in Conservation Biology, Zoo Conservation Biology, Bird Conservation, Animal Behaviour, Conservation Genetics and Countryside Management and Visiting lecturer African College of Wildlife Management, Mweka, Tanzania.


Enrolment for RTD8 is still open, if you want to have lunch please book by 10:00 Tuesday 1st of April: http://t.co/jP6oRWiFwy

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