The Elephant March at Corbett Tiger Reserve (India)


Location: Edge of the Ramganga Reservior, Dhikala, Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand (India)

Today’s Wildlife Picture of the Day comes from Corbett Tiger Reserve in the north Indian state of Uttaranchal. Sent by Dhritiman Baroowa who experienced the march of a herd of Elephants at the edge of the Ramganga Reservior inside India’s oldest national park - Corbett Tiger Reserve in it’s famous Dhikala Zone.

The Elephant March at Corbett Tiger Reserve (India) | © Dhritiman Baroowa

Asiatic Elephants are the largest living land mammals in Asia and Corbett Tiger Reserve marks their migratory path to Rajaji National Park in the North and connections to Nepal and the Terai Arc Landscape.

Dhritiman has been traveling to this region for many years now and when asked about this experience, he explained as - 

” It was an amazing day. A whole herd of elephants were on my right walking along the waters edge. We were in the middle of the road and to our left were 2 tigers. They met down the road about 20 minutes after i took this picture and there was sheer mayhem there after. Wish I had a mic to record the trumpeting and the roaring. Meanwhile I had no idea whether to click pictures on the right or the left.

A perfect experience and certainly worthy to be on Wild Navigator’s Wildlife Picture of the Day.

We would like to thank Dhritiman in sending us all information and being a part of the Wildlife Picture of the Day Series. 

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